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The inbox for the ESP Administrator is monitored during office hours. See the tips below for quick troubleshooting in the meantime.

Education Support Portal (ESP) Troubleshooting 

The first thing to check when accessing the ESP is that you are using a Google Chrome browser. The ESP is accessible via the internet. You do not need to be connected to the intranet.


-I have forgotten my password

SLHD employees using a stafflink as a username: Your password will have to be reset manually by the ESP Administrator. Email

All employees using their email address as a username: Click on the Forgot Password link above and provide your username OR email address to reset it.

- I can’t create an account on the ESP

If you are an SLHD employee, you can create an account by logging in with your stafflink.


-I am trying to create an account with my stafflink but get an error saying my login is invalid

Make sure you are using a Google Chrome browser. Try logging in from a different device. Contact the ESP administrator who will give you instructions on how to proceed.


-I can no longer see the course I was enrolled in

Make sure you are logging in with the same credentials you had previously logged in.

For example, if you were logging in with your email address as your username, do not log in with your stafflink.


-The course I am trying to access does not allow self-enrolment

You will have to contact the Educator responsible for this course to gain access. The ESP Administrator can help you get in touch with the right person.